Fast Fashion vs Minimalism

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What is fast fashion and why is it such a huge problem today?

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Fast fashion is basically fashion on a racetrack. You can never compete no matter how fast you try to keep up with it. Quality will always win. 

Fashion is super fast. The trends literally keep releasing every week when you haven’t even finished with the one that came out. It makes everyone super happy “temporarily” with the super fast everything. Fast service. Fast production. Fast delivery. The best brands are selling the best pieces constantly. Changes in wardrobe whenever you feel like – usually worn a few times before they are thrown away. And the best part of it – the prices are super cheap. And the quality…

It’s perfect…

Brands are marketing their clothes to the younger generation, promoting female empowerment and promising instant satisfaction. And it doesn’t help when “normal everyday people” just like us – the influencers are advertising on instagram, heavily impacting the emotions. Fast fashion has become so appealing to the audience especially to the younger generation.

It is a system that is entirely unsustainable. Workers are working long hours to complete orders on very low or even no pay. They are using cheap, easy to produce and materials that cannot be recycled causing havoc on the environment.

Wear it once and throw it away meaning huge amounts of waste dumped every year. It’s embarrassing to wear the garment more than once. What if people see? And low prices mean impulse buying at its best. And when you cannot afford it, it’s ok because you can pay in installments using credit.

The world is yours…

vs the high end, minimalist thawb

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No, it isn’t just anything with no style or taste. Or some traditional garment that looks like a sack. It’s actually the exact opposite.

The thobe is the one garment that you’ll find yourself wearing everywhere. Go ahead and own it in all the colours available – limited options anyway. It doesn’t matter – you don’t need to change it every season and you certainly don’t need to worry about it changing every week because there aren’t anymore releasing. What you see is what you’ll get.

Honestly, you’ll see the same style everywhere. Sure, you can find different styles and designs for occasions but that’s it. Don’t expect anything more. And if you just want to stick with the simple – no fancy business – you can do that too. Because it will work literally everywhere, no matter what the occasion is. 

It’s so simple, honestly.

Imagine opening up your wardrobe and seeing a perfect set of items that you can pull off the hanger, pair with literally anything, and out you go. That’s the beauty of the minimalist thawb. Take all the precious time off your morning routine and look as effortlessly stylish as ever. With the help of a thobe, this could just be you. 

minimalist wardrobe

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The beauty of a minimalist wardrobe is its simplicity. You know that everything in your wardrobe will match so you don’t have to stress about that plus you don’t have to be boring about it.

If you want to add a pop of colour with your shoes or a jacket or maybe an accessory like a scarf, you know for sure you can do that too.

Literally, no stress!

The thobe is something you can practice to bring more contentment in your life. It’s a way to declutter your life with the unnecessary things and focus on the things that really matter. Maybe your family, your relationships, your career paths and your inner self. 

You don’t need to possess too many clothes to be a more happier or a confident person. Really, who you are making happy is the question here. All you need is a few key pieces to create your unique styles that will do just fine. Those few key pieces are made of quality, durable materials that are useful and long lasting as possible. You definitely will not have to worry about “people thinking – OMG, you wore the same”. 

Wear it from day to night and you will still look good. The focus will be yourself and the exciting opportunities of the day ahead. 

  1. Images from FreePik, Unsplash, Openverse, Pixabay, Pexels
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