5 Smart Ways to Wear a Thobe

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1. Try a polo neck

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Polo or turtle neck like garments have been worn for centuries. Royalty also adopted this fashion as an indication for status. The polo neck emphasises neatness and was associated with intellectuals. If you’re aiming for something closer to this look and conservative, try wearing a polo neck with a collarless thobe. A smart form of dress without formal wear. 

Pulling it off is all about using tones and colours in harmony. Play it subtle by using the same shades or the darker colours with the darker coloured thobes. 

A white thobe is versatile, so you’ll be able to style it in many ways, while keeping it earthy and neutral toned will ensure the minimal elegance is still there. 

2. Go collarless

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For the perfect excuse to lose the collar, opt for a thobe that prevents you from wearing one in the first place. The collarless thobe was made to be worn without the collar. Its clean and effortless appearance allows you to give any thobe an update without compromising on style.

This is good news for your wallet and your smart casual wardrobe options. Next time you need to dress up a little without looking full businessman – why not leave your collar thobes at home and take things up a notch by wearing your collarless thobe and pairing it with your favourite shoes or a blazer? Play it safe by going for the tailored fit: white thobe or a navy thobe. Just remember to team the colours up properly. 

3. Don a Trench Coat

Fast track your way directly to the smart casual menswear by either wearing a blazer or a trench coat over your thawb. This particular look is best carried off with a slim tailored fit thobe. Thawb up with some monkshoes or go for something more relaxed – think loafers. 

Bonus points for being daring and going for a patterned outerwear. Just remember to allow things to flow naturally in a subtle manner. The navy tailored fit thawb styled with a dark patterned blazer or the white thobe with a trench coat – maybe go vintage with a tweed option. Let the thobe do the talking. 

If you’re heading out for a job interview, this is a good way to express some personality, while still looking smart.

4. Keep it simple with a waistcoat

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A classical move. It’s an easy way to bring your thobe from day to evening or wedding wear. A waistcoat can give your look a modern feel with a heritage twist in an instant. 

It’s definitely a look favoured by the gentlemen – you could go the next step and wear a pocket watch on the front pocket of your waistcoat too. Classic!

Teaming any waistcoat with a white thobe is a good way of keeping things clean and polished. It will prevent you looking like you’ve put too much effort in and obviously failed. Parties, weddings, groom wear and Eid celebrations really call for this lookbook.

5. Sub the formal wear for something casual

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Dial the formality down an extra degree by throwing a hoodie over your thawb. The look is instantly more casual and comfortable. A wardrobe staple – whatever your style. 

Wake the inner sporty side out of you. The biggest brands in sportswear including adidas and under armour will provide you with an extensive range from oversized to zip ups or whatever your preference.  

On the plus side – the hoodie also provides you with an extra layer of warmth during winter, due to their thick skin. A must have for the cold british weather.

Go classic in a black hoodie or express yourself with a hoodie of your style for a laid back, minimalist look. Any collarless thobe of your choice is the perfect choice with a hoodie. 

You really do not want to overdo the hoodie fashion by glamorising the garment so much that you take the casual look to more of a drab hip hop look. Please respect the thobe. 

  1. Images from FreePik, Unsplash, Openverse, Pixabay, Pexels
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