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A Thawb is an ankle length garment, similar to a robe, and traditionally worn by men of the Middle East.

Thawb is an Arabic word meaning garment. There are many ways the thawb is spelt in the english language. They all mean the same thing. It is an ankle length garment with long sleeves worn by arab men.
The thawb is an easy item of clothing to be worn, just how you would any other piece, eg jumper, dress, etc.

Traditionally, a trouser or sirwal is worn underneath the thawb.

The traditional clothing style for men in the middle east is a long tunic, known as the dishdasha or the thawb. However, western dress such as tshirt and jeans have become quite common casual wear too.

The middle east is a hot country. The light colour of the thawb helps to cool the body by reflecting the heat of the sun. The neck and arms are usually covered by the thawb to prevent sunburn. The thobe can also be seen in colours such as blue, grey or beige. Non-white colours are usually worn in winter.

The thawb is a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn by everyone. We welcome men from all backgrounds or social status to wear the thawb. Please visit our about us page for more information.
The thawb is usually made from cotton to keep the body cool in warm climates. For colder regions of the middle east, the thawb can also be made from thicker materials such as sheep’s wool. Today, we see the thawb expanding to areas all over the world and thus, being made from all types of material and colours.

Traditionally, the thawb is not made to be waterproof. However, we aim to be innovative and this is an idea that we aspire to take further.

The thawb can be worn at any time of the day, for any occasion.

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Saudi men and boys, whatever their social job or status, wear the traditional thawb. On special occasions, men often wear a bisht over the thobe. Bisht is a traditional long cloak trimmed in gold, usually black, white or brown in colour.

We at Al Thawb feel that collarless jabbahs are timeless, stylish and functional, giving our customers the best affordable price.

The style is exactly the same, however one comes with a collar. The Emirati kandura or Omani dishdasha are traditionally collarless, while the saudi arabian thawb comes with a collar.
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