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Al Thawb

We sell modern and traditional Arab clothing such as Thawbs, Jubbahs and Abayas.

Al Thawb Coming Soon


Most frequent questions and answers

The literal meaning of Al Thawb is “The Garment” in Arabic.
It is also a cultural dress that many in the middle east, east and the west have adopted throughout the ages from the poor to the rich, young children to the elderly. A simple piece of clothing which is also worn by the Muslims in the UK because of its simplicity and also ease of use. One long ankle length garment is part of the jubbah collection.

In essence, we will be selling religious attire with a contemporary edge.
Our Arabic Islamic clothing such as stylish jubbahs for men and fashionable abayas for women will be made from premium quality fabrics with expert craftsmanship. Each piece of clothing tailored to perfection, creating the perfect look for our customers. A happy customer means a happy you and a happy you means a “you are ready to face the world” you.

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