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Meet our Nursing Friendly Abaya, for modest women who wish to dress in a more sophisticated fashion. We bring you a timeless blend of faith, fashion and function that’s tailored to deliver style in any situation.


We’re all about style that takes you from day to night – whether you want to curl up at home or slip into something stylish for work or wear at a wedding and celebrate Eid. And if you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you’d know that it’s the essential basics that get the most wear.

Well, that’s exactly what is about to happen. Be prepared for the rise of stylish abayas that makes life so much easier for you. Stylish and functional? Yes, that’s right. We only offer abayas with you in mind. Our designs are infused with cool details that make them feel anything but ordinary.

And we’ve thought about everyone. From muslimahs on the go, students, pregnant women, mothers and especially nursing mums.

Why Classic Abayas?

The epitome of elegance. Simple, classic abayas have always been around. They simply do not go out of fashion. Yes, as times have moved on – the timeless abaya has seen a change in colours and style to satisfy preferences and accommodate individual styles. Has it gone out of fashion? This remains a classic No!

Why functional abayas?

Positivity. Comfort and practicality in everyday wear for all women pushes positivity. We need a fresh breath of confident women who are happy in their abayas. Go ahead and open up to a world of efficiency, time and limitless opportunities. Close the doors on “i wish”. We’re here for you.
Best of both worlds

Why full length?

Traditional and home. We simply can’t let you forget how it feels to be at home. In your own element. Meet the Nursing Abaya that’s tailored for full length classic greatness. Go ahead: unwind, be confident and most importantly…be at home!

What makes our abaya collection so stylish?

We believe that fashion trends come and go, however style will forever stay. Whatever shape or size, you deserve to feel and look your best. You deserve to enjoy your wardrobe.

We make sure that our modern abaya range has something for everyone. You will find that our abayas are one size – which means that they are loose enough to be worn as casual wear. Some of our open abayas will also have a button feature, allowing you to wear them buttoned up or with a belt to instantly switch to an occasion abaya outfit.

Shop online on our website to find a luxury, modest abaya for you. Browse through an exclusive range of open abayas, abaya kimono, embroidered abayas, nursing abayas and more.

A one stop shop for all your modest fashion needs…

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Nursing Friendly Abaya – Halima Abaya
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