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The Thawb That's Perfect For Any Occasion

Collarless Thawbs. Why?

Meet our Collarless Thawb, a timeless combination of fashion and functionality that’s tailored to deliver style in any situation.

Made from breathable fabric, the Collarless Thawb features built-in details to provide you with ease and comfort when you’re on the go. So go ahead and push your limits.

Just know that the Collarless Thawb has your back.

A Thawb For Your:

easy neck movement

We love the freedom it brings – breathing space, easy neck movement and what’s more; You really don’t need to worry about neck sweat stains and how to remove that in the wash.

Zip Up

Where are the buttons along the chest? YES! We thought about you and the everyday ease you need. Zip up and you’re good to go. “Time waits for no one…”

No Cuff Links

No cufflinks on the sleeve of a thawb makes it convent for making wudu and gives your more flexibility

Easy Access Pockets

If there’s anything that makes life easier, its clothing with pockets. Practicality, convenience and storage. We need a home for our essentials without carrying a bag.

Zipped Pocket (only on some products)

Did someone just say a zipped pocket? Don’t we genuinely need a safe storage space without lugging around huge backpacks. Pockets with a zip is exactly what we need. The best home yet for our phones, keys and wallet. Right on our body where they won’t get lost. Having your phone on your body in a zipped pocket is definitely easier, especially when those urgent messages need replying to.

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