7 simple ways to accessorise your thobe

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One thing for sure: Don’t let wearing a thobe everyday become boring and on repeat.

There are many ways to liven up a search thobe without spending too much: just raise some spirit to your look with some stylish accessories that will bring some colour and vibes into the mix.

1. A Stylish Leather Bag

brown leather satchel bag on gray concrete surface near green plant at daytime

Just because you’re wearing a Jubba doesn’t mean you’re stuck with limited options or no bag at all. You can definitely pull off a stylish leather bag with a Jubba.

Choose a simple quality design in a neutral colour that will match the rest of your wardrobe. That way you can wear it as your work bag too and store all of your items while still looking classy everywhere you go. You can wear it how you like: either on your shoulder or across your body.

2. A scarf

man in black coat with grey scarf standing on front of white and yellow painted wall

A scarf is a great way to accessorise your search thobe. Plus its great for the cold british weather too. There are so many ways to wear a scarf – Leave your scarf hanging around your neck for a less formal look or tie it up according to your preferences. 

You could use a plain scarf, textured scarf, patterned scarf or a thick winter scarf for the winter months.

3. A topi / prayer cap

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Don’t be afraid to wear a prayer cap to complement your outfit and give your look a personal touch. It’s called a prayer cap but hey, it can be worn all day if you like. No restrictions!

There’s a variety of colours that you can buy on the market these days. Mix and match wisely and if bright colours aren’t your style, keep it neutral. Neutral goes a long way. I definitely prefer the neutral tones – simply goes with any Jubba. 

4. A classic watch

round black and white Fossil chronograph watch with brown leather band displaying at 10:42

Wearing an elegant watch that complements with your Jubba does not only tell you the time, but also gives you a neat, gentleman appeal. For formal dressing, a classic analog plain watch telling the time is best suited. Anything else is considered casual.

5. Colourful socks

people showing black leather dress shoe lot outdoor during daytime

Jubbas usually come in neutral, simple tones. Bring  a little fun to the table by wearing some colourful socks. You could also go the extra mile by wearing interesting patterns or textured socks.

Don’t worry, they won’t stand out too much. One colourful accessory don’t hurt anyone. Looking down at yourself, it’ll make you happy. I see a smile 🙂

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard and wear a colourful sock plus a colourful scarf and let’s just stop there, please…

6. Add patterns

yellow and white floral textile

This is one of the easiest way to accessorise your Jubba. Most of you will easily own one of these. Make your outfit stand out more by adding a pattern to to your Jubba by pairing it with one of your wardrobe staples. They can include: a cardigan, a blazer, a polo neck, a jacket, a hoodie or a stylish coat. 

This will liven up your appearance and add a little drama to your outfit. Easily switch from day to night wear too using this great tip. Whatever your preference but make sure to balance the tones correctly. Don’t overdo it and be wise.

7. Statement shoes

pair of men's brown leather loafers

Match your everyday Jubba with some statement shoes to take your style up other notch. As long as you keep your outfit simple: wearing bold, statement shoes that proudly show off prints and colours will brighten up your overall look.

There are many great styles out there for statement footwear so don’t hesitate to try something if you like it.

"Trying new things allows you to realise your full potential"

Which simple upgrade will you take advantage of the next time you don a thawb?

  1. Images from FreePik, Unsplash, Openverse, Pixabay, Pexels
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