What Can I Wear for Tarawih Prayers? A Thawb!

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Tarawih prayers

Tarawih prayers are sunnah prayers performed during the month of Ramadan, after the night Isha prayers. It is a particularly important prayer during Ramadan – a month where we hope to draw closer to Allah (swt).

Ramadan is a gift from Allah (swt). It is a month unlike others: a month of salvation, abundant blessings and mercy. It is our chance to connect with our Lord and focus on our relationship with him. Prayer is a means of getting closer to our Creator. We come to prayer with humility, seeking his forgiveness and reward.

Tarawih prayers are a beautiful way of doing just that, in the month of Ramadan. After a whole day of fasting and remembering Allah (swt) – Put everything aside for this beautiful opportunity and cherish this conversation with him only. 

1. Awareness of the heart

To remember intention and purpose

2. Awareness of the mind

To stay alert and attentive to your actions

3. Awareness of the body

Avoid rushing and perfect each movement

Comfortable Clothing for Taraweeh

person in white hijab and black long sleeve shirt

Taraweeh prayers are sacred to Ramadan and you would want to make sure that you are with modest and comfortable clothing, when attending the prayers at the Mosque. At the same time, they should be versatile enough to help you keep your focus in prayer.

One garment that everyone will agree on for sure… The best piece of clothing taken straight from the Middle East for its ability to be convenient and stylish at the same time is literally, the thobe. This is why you will see almost everyone wearing the thawb to tarawih prayers. And if they’re not wearing it, it will come out of a bag from somewhere.

Why you should wear the thawb to Tarawih prayers?

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  1. It gets hot. Full stop! 
    It can get really hot especially because everyone has gathered together to pray in congregation. You need a garment that is loose enough to keep you from feeling like a sticky mess. You do not want to be distracted from your worship.
  2. Heat = Sweat 
    Try wearing your chinos or jeans to taraweeh prayers and you’ll understand what I’m saying. Going up and down and trying to pray is almost impossible in these trousers. They stick to your leg and then you’re praying 20 rakats of “please, no sweat stains, please”. The thobe is super ideal in these situations. Bonus is that they are generally paired with loose trousers called “sirwal”.
  3. Breathable and lightweight
    The fabric of a thawb is created with a perfect polyester blend. This combination allows the thobe to be a fabric that is light in weight aswell as creating the right balance of breathability. Furthermore, it doesn’t crease easily and can be ironed without much effort. Get to your prayers on time.
  4. You can wear the same thawb again
    You’ll find that not only are you saving time, but you’re also saving so much brain power by not thinking too much. Wear the same white thobe for over a week and no one will notice. As long as its clean – you’re good to go. You don’t need to impress anyone. Channel all that energy into your tarawih prayers and your worship. Impress your Creator. 
  5. You’ll always feel good in what you are wearing
    Wearing a thawb is an automatic confidence boost. You know that its modest. You know that its compliant with your faith. And you know that it looks good. 
  6. Quick to dry 
    Cooler to wear and quicker to dry. There’s always a moment when you need to do wudu (ablution) for your tarawih prayers. And if you get wet – Thawbs are your solution. Made from polyester fabric, they absorb less moisture which means it dries quickly. 
  7. No skin on display
    Doesn’t it drive you crazy when your t-shirt or shirt that you are wearing rides up when bending down in ruku (bowing down in salah) or during sujood (prostration in salah). How about when you’re wearing a garment that is full length so there is no problem. There’s what you call a solution before a problem. Yes, you guessed it! 

    You can physically see the thawb in all its glory praying so peacefully. Not a care in the world. Why are the trousers and tops looking so uncomfortable? Let me help you…

We know you have one more reason for why you should wear the thobe to tarawih prayers. It’ll be so exciting to read what you think. Drop it in the comments and we’ll love to add your name alongside your reason. We’ll pick the best ones…

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