Top 3 reliable pens for a stylish Thawb

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There's more to your style than just the Thawb you wear.
With our list of Top 3 reliable Pens,
you'll be ready to write with style.

Pen and thawbs

There is something special about holding a luxury pen. Something that gives the clothes you wear a simple sophistication. Something that tells you about the person’s presence.

Growing up, I have always seen my dad remarkably passionate about the pen that had to be worn with a specific Thawb. The final touch of elegance to his thawb fit. The style in which the pen would be carefully chosen and selected out of its private box…

I saw them all. A beautiful collection of ballpoint pens, fountain pens and where special occasions would celebrate a personalised pen. The effortless grace of each pen had its own story.

Keep these pens with you at all times and don’t think twice about your Thawb style looking dated. Having these pens does not just mean you look better, it also means you write better. Discover the perfect pen for your style.

This truly is a best pens list. Buying a pen to use every day? Want something special to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion like Eid? Hoping to find the next luxury pen to add to your collection? These pens will deliver the right everything for you. 

Ballpoint Pens

A work of Art – The Montblanc Meisterstück Classique black ballpoint pen with gold fittings is one the most famous Montblanc writing instruments. Surmounted by the white snow cap emblem this design icon has its own individual serial number, meaning the pen you own will be unique. Popular with everyone from gift buyers, corporate customers and serious pen collectors this is a must-have writing instrument.

A luxurious pen that remains durable enough to withstand the test of time. No need to worry about hand cramps or too much pressure because this pen will only give you luxurious comfort with convenience. 
The swivel mechanism won’t ever fail you and will soon become your most trusting friend in the office. You will never feel this comfortable with a pen – No regrets.

And if you are looking for a pen in style, then this is the pen you’re looking for. The jet black colour with sleek gold trimmings ensures that it pairs well with any suit or outfit.

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silver click pen on yellow paper
black and silver click pen on black leather wallet
a pen sitting on top of a white table

Best Fountain Pen

Shape the future with a Cross celebrated classic! Plated in 23K Gold with a hand-finished 23-carat gold-plated medium nib – this exquisite piece represents timeless innovation with dignity and style. Whether its casually resting on your table or in the front pocket of your ultra white thawb, this classic is bound to leave a lasting print.

The hugely popular Cross Townsend medalist fountain pen is a gift that will literally last a lifetime as all Cross pens come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee!

This luxury pen comes with a cross presentation box – perfect for showcasing or as a luxury gift for your favourite man in your life. It’s definitely high-priced than the usual pens, however its a gift that they will actually use and admire.

Do not underestimate the Fountain pen. A signifier of timeless elegance, the fountain pen has been a popular writing instrument for generations. Too old school? The best fountain pens out there have moved on with the times, with their modern designs. 

“Good things don’t come cheap”


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silver click pen on yellow paper
black and silver click pen on black leather wallet
a pen sitting on top of a white table

Best Rollerball Pen

An affordable yet sophisticated pen, the Parker Premium Rollerball pen makes a beautiful gift, specifically when price is taken into consideration. It has a focus on comfort and simple high performance functionality. 

A comfortable and ergonomic shape is paired with a smart and tapered silhouette to create an instant modern style.

The Rollerball tip delivers an effortlessly smooth, consistent flow of ink onto paper. A cost-effective way of taking notes in your office with style. 

silver click pen on black book
a pen sitting on top of a stack of papers
Black Twist Pen on Notebook
From above of opened notebook with blank sheet near silver pen composed with fragrant cup of hot espresso placed on wooden table

Why The Pen & Thawb Compliment Each Other

The pen and thawb, in certain cultural contexts, can be seen as complementary to each other due to their respective roles and symbolism. Let’s explore the reasons why they may be considered as complementary:

  1. Symbolic Significance: The pen represents knowledge, education, and intellectual pursuits. It is often associated with professions such as writing, academia, journalism, and literature. The act of writing and expressing oneself through words is considered a powerful tool for communication and personal development.

On the other hand, the thawb is a traditional garment worn by men in various cultures, such as the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It typically consists of a long, loose-fitting robe that reflects modesty, cultural heritage, and religious values. It symbolizes tradition, spirituality, and adherence to cultural norms.

  1. Contextual Harmony: In certain cultural settings, the pen and the thawb can be harmonious when they are aligned with each other’s purpose. For example, individuals who pursue knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual growth may find that the modesty and humility represented by the thawb align with their personal values. The thawb can serve as a reminder to remain grounded and focused while engaging in intellectual pursuits.

  2. Balance of Outer and Inner Expression: The pen and the thawb can represent the balance between external expression (through clothing) and internal expression (through knowledge and ideas). While the thawb reflects one’s outward appearance and adherence to cultural and religious norms, the pen represents one’s inner thoughts, ideas, and the ability to articulate them. Together, they create a holistic representation of a person’s identity, combining both their inner intellectual world and their outward appearance.

  3. Societal Contribution: When the pen and the thawb come together, they can contribute to society in different ways. The knowledge and ideas expressed through writing can be influential in shaping public discourse, raising awareness, and promoting positive change. Simultaneously, wearing the thawb can demonstrate a commitment to cultural values, religious principles, and social harmony.

It’s important to note that the significance and complementary nature of the pen and thawb may vary across different cultures and individual perspectives. While these connections can exist, they are not universally applicable and should be understood within specific cultural and contextual frameworks.

  1. Images from FreePik, Unsplash, Openverse, Pixabay, Pexels
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