The Thawb, Qatar and the World Cup

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Have you ever heard of a thawb?

It’s a traditional garment worn by men in many Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar. This long robe is often paired with an agal (a black rope that holds the headscarf in place) and is now being seen on people all over the world thanks to Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Let’s take a look at this unique piece of clothing, its history and how it has become part of the Qatari identity.

History of the Thawb

The thawb dates back centuries and has been worn by men since ancient times. In the past, it was typically made from coarse wool or cotton, but today it is often made from lightweight fabrics like linen or silk. The length varies from knee-length to full-length depending on preference. It can also be accessorized with embroidery or other decorations for a more formal look.

The Thawb & The Qatar World Cup 2022

With Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there will be visitors coming from all over the world who will want to experience local culture while they are here. As part of that experience, they may choose to purchase traditional items such as a thawb or an agal which they can take home with them as souvenirs. This could be beneficial for local businesses who sell these items as well as help promote Qatari culture abroad! 

The Qatari Jubbah

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The Qatari jubbah (or qamis) is another popular item of traditional clothing in Qatar. This floor-length robe-like garment is similar to the thawb but has slightly longer sleeves and is typically made from heavier fabrics such as wool or silk. Traditionally worn by both men and women, it often features decorative buttons down the front and side seams that can be opened up when more freedom of movement is desired. The jubbah comes in many different colors and styles – from plain black robes to intricately embroidered version – so you are sure to find something that suits your tastes! 

Traditional Male Headgear

In addition to their traditional clothing, men in Qatar also wear some form of headgear as part of their outfit. The most common type of headgear worn by men in Qatar is known as “ghutrah” which consists of a large rectangular piece of cloth folded into a triangle shape and secured around the head with an accompanying band or cord. Other types of male headgear include kaffiyeh (a square scarf), tarbush (a cylindrical hat), keffiyeh (a checkered patterned scarf), and gutra/laffeh (a peaked skullcap). All these items are important symbols within Qatari culture that show respect for tradition while still allowing individuals to express themselves through their choice of headwear! 

Qatari Culture

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The thawb has been a part of Qatari culture for centuries but now, thanks to Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it has become even more popular all around the world! Not only does it serve as traditional attire but it also serves as a reminder that we should always appreciate our cultural heritage and strive to preserve it for future generations. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs from your trip or simply want to add some traditional flair to your wardrobe, consider getting yourself a thawb – you’ll never regret it!

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