Your thawb represents pristine glory. It is essential to care for your thawb just as you would keep yourself clean. Like any item of clothing, taking the wrong approach to cleaning can result in fast decline of your thawb. Hence, these tips will ensure a pristine thawb.

Always wash your darker and lighter thawbs separately. You really do NOT want colours bleeding over.


Darker Thawbs

  1. Wash your dark coloured thawbs on a cold cycle.
  2. Use a mild detergent to prevent the thawb from losing its colouring.

White Thawbs

  1. The best approach towards a white thawb is handwashing using a mild detergent with warm water. 
  2. The washing machine can also be used to wash a white thawb, however ensuring that it is on a warmer cycle.

NOTE: A washing machine may lead to the brightness of the white thawb fading faster than it should.

TIP #2 - DRY

  1. After washing, do NOT use a tumble dryer. You will be putting your thawb under too much stress.
  2. Always hang the thawb up to allow it to dry naturally. 
  3. Do this as quickly as possible as the longer it is creased up and wet, the higher the chances of your thawb developing a moldy aroma (in which case, it will have to be washed again).


The natural way of ironing our clothes is to iron them when they are completely dry. However, a thawb requires special iron care too, boasting its exquisite self. 

  1. It is always best to iron your thawb when it is slightly damp – not too wet. 
  2. Have the iron set at a cooler temperature to make them look brand new again. 
  3. If your thawb is completely dry, use a steam iron on a higher temperature to add a little moisture when ironing. 
  4. The water softens the creases, allowing you to easily smooth them out using an iron.


  1. Proper thawb care will benefit you in keeping your garment for longer. Therefore, getting more use out of it. 
  2. Shop for a quality thawb, rather than a cheaper thawb to ensure it withstands the test of time. See what we have, to offer you a quality thawb.