Kids White Collarless Thawb


A classic, tailored white thawb is a look that will never grow old. Made from breathable fabric, the white thawb is a combination of style and functionality. Be happy knowing your child can play and breathe at the same time.

NOTE: These sizes are based on approximate ages. Your childs thawb size will depend on his height. Eg, If your childs length measures 48, then his thawb size will be 48.

If you are wanting a size that is not shown, then please email us at info@althawb.co.uk.

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Meet the White Thawb, a timeless combination of fashion and functionality that’s tailored to deliver style in any situation. Made from breathable fabric, the White Thawb features built-in details to provide you with ease and comfort when you’re on the go. So go ahead and push your limits. Just know that the White Collarless Thawb has your back.

School or Madrasah uniform?

A perfect choice for your school or madrasah uniform. When you get to the bottom of it – It’s all about a uniform that looks good and works great. Who said your uniform has to be boring? Bring the Emirati and Omani styles back in trend and be confident knowing your uniform represents you. Confidence knowing your white thawb will help you breathe in learning. Don’t worry, we’ve completely taken that collar off. Gone for good. And the buttons: I know – isn’t it such an effort to put them on everyday in the morning. Life is all about the zip now… Confidence in running, learning and playing without looking back. We’ve got that taken care of. With our durable materials – you will be saving much more than you thought. A resilient uniform will make a resilient you. 

Why Collarless?

Style and comfort is what clothing should be all about. We combined the best details of our tailored thawbs with your favourite t-shirt and brought you collarless thawbs. Gone are the days when you feel restricted with the usual collar thawbs. Feel free and allow yourself to breathe. Breathe in opportunities – No sweat (literally). Wear it with a polo neck for a fashion statement or your choice of outerwear to suit your occasion. Set no limits.

Is it Omani?

Hmm… Yes and no. Our clothing line is heavily inspired by the traditional Omani style. The Omani’s have a unique style which gives a lasting impression. The simple colours, quality cloth paired together with a well designed garment made to suit any man. This is what has inspired our fashion line.

Why Zipped Chest?

Efficient and long-lasting. We all need this for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Great for when you’re on the move. Lock your door and zip up your thawb at the same time. I mean, who has the time to fasten buttons? How much time have you wasted? Don’t worry. No regrets. We got you.

Why Full length?

Traditional and home. We simply can’t let you forget how it feels to be at home. In your own element. Meet the Thawb that’s tailored for full length classic greatness. Go ahead: unwind, be confident and most importantly…be at home!

Product Details

For everyday or is it for a special occasion? Styled by you.

  • Front chest zip for ease
  • Casual fit for comfort
  • High quality Korean polyester fabric
  • Long sleeves
  • Two side pockets
  • Collarless – Omani style
  • Full length – from shoulders to above the ankles


For care instructions, click here.

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Sister A
White Thawb
October 4, 2020

Pray you’re well and had a good eid. Just wanted to let you know that the jubbahs fit the boys perfectly, looked great on them and the fabrics lovely. The cut of the thawbs is really good. Mashallah.

default image
White Thawb
October 4, 2020

I’ve recommended your thobes to loads of people. Even my albanian decorator asked my sons where they got the jubbahs from as he loved them when he saw them wearing the jubbahs.

Thawb size chart

How to measure

Measurements below are in inches.

To find your measurements, the best thing you can do is to measure a garment that fits you well. So for example: Lay a thawb that fits you well flat and measure.