In a nutshell, we will be collecting various web activities of the user on our website to provide you with an improved experience.

We may also collect information about how your Device has interacted with us, including the pages accessed and links clicked, how you navigate to and from the Al Thawb Sites and Al Thawb Content (such as how you scroll over the Al Thawb Sites and Al Thawb Content, which parts you click and how long you spend on each page), your preferences, the products and/or services that you have viewed or searched for, crashes and download errors and response times, etc.

Personal information collected from third parties, such as data that you agree to share with us on publicly accessible social networks (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and/or that we may collect from other publicly accessible databases. This enables us to provide you with a tailored experience.

Third party cookies  which are meant to collect data on an anonymous way, for example analytics information, including browsing statistics. Other third party cookies are meant to track our visitors’ response to our online promotional and marketing activities. These technologies and platforms uses information about your visits to our website and third party  websites on which Al Thawb advertisements may appear, to deliver relevant and up to date materials to you. We also use this to learn which banner adverts bring users to our website. This type of advertising is also known as retargeting.

Al Thawb will try to provide accurate and updated content on this website. Unfortunately, there may be price changes, sold out goods and other unintentional errors on our site. We reserve the right not to be liable for these errors or changes and neither Al Thawb, nor any employee or representative of Al Thawb will be liable for damages arising from the use of this website or the products sold on here or other third party sites.

During certain periods of the year we also run something called  or display re-targeting. This is when you come onto our thobe site and from there when you leave and browse other websites you may see our thobe adverts appear on that site because we are trying to keep the thobe awareness as you spend time on other websites.

Al Thawb also is affiliated with various websites what this means is you may click on a link on our website that takes you to another shopping website. When you purchase something from that online shop we may receive a commission by you making a purchase. The affiliate website may use tracking therefore your website usage could be tracked.

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