The Halima Abaya

Modest Fit
Timeless Style
Casual to Formal
Functional Role

The Abaya That Takes You To Maternity & Beyond

The Abaya that takes you to maternity and beyond

No nursing options. Why?

Breastfeeding is great for mums and babies, but why is there such a huge block in the wardrobe department. And if you are looking for something pregnancy and nursing friendly, it’s just another browse of helplessness. Thus, we have set out on a mission to provide the mums with a major confidence boost without compromising on modesty. 

For Your Motherhood Journey

01 Modest Fit

Designed to fit and flatter your shape. Be stylish without compromising on modesty.

02 Wudu friendly sleeves

Loose sleeves to allow the sleeves to be folded up during wudu or running around.

03 Discreet breastfeeding access

Two concealed chest zips on both sides for mum and baby comfort.

04 Hidden storage pockets

Two concealed pockets on either side of the dress for your everyday essentials.

05 Back Zip

Full concealed back zip so you can wear your dress as comfortably as possible.

06 Cleverly designed

This dress is cleverly cut to allow the body to grow during pregnancy.

Nursing abaya full length

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