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With our selection of colours and sizes, bundle and save is the best way to save money while getting the most out of your thobes.

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Get the most out of your money through our bundle & save special deals. The more you buy, the more you save. We want you to feel inspired when it comes to our collarless thobes. Create your best look you’ve always wanted for less money.

Looking to purchase multiple thobes?

Save big when you combine any of our thobes from our range with another from our collection of white or coloured thawbs. Take your pick – whether it’s simply black or white, or rather from our exquisite colour range of greys, purple or blue thobes; we have a thawb for you.

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Buy 2 – get 5% off 
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What’s more, we offer an automatic free delivery on all orders over £60. Refer to our delivery page for more information. 

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