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The White Thobe

white mens fashion style
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

The white thobe is unquestionably a subject that is constantly heard of. No matter how many different style and varieties of thobes that one will see, it’s the white thobe that will take centre stage. One can compare it to the focal point of something, or the command centre for thobes, similar to the nucleus of a cell. 

The colour white is a heavenly colour, the colour of perfection. It conveys a sense of purity, peacefulness and cleanliness. White features equality and provides you with a feeling of growth and inner strength. Wearing a white thobe creates awareness by reminding you of your religion. Men will always wear a white thobe to religious celebrations like Eid or go to the masjid for salah prayers. 

What gives the white thobe so much attention? Why?

Let’s take a drive down history lane. Shall we…

No one really knows how the thobe came into existence. However, we are aware of the fact that the garment was adopted from the land of the arabs.

This form of attire has existed since centuries. The arabs would wear the long and loose garment to protect themselves from the heat and as a form of modesty. Due to the desert heat, white was usually the colour worn by arab men. The robes were usually a cotton fabric, simple and had a loose fit.

The thobe quickly reached far and wide to many countries as Arabian traders and muslims began to expand their businesses. Tourism also allowed the thobe to be noticed by many people, with many till today, wanting to feel the traditional vibes of these countries.

There’s a basic history lesson about how the thawb came about, reaching far and wide into many countries and also here in the UK.

Today, it is so beautiful to see diversity everywhere. It offers us with a variety of talents, skills, and great experiences.

Therefore, we are exposed to innovation and creativity, just as you see in the thobe industry.

The white thobe was the traditional classic, worn by all men. It is the only cultural garment that has not been replaced by the suit attire.

A simple and full length garment, with no fancy designs to it. Now, as generations came and style evolved, we see the white thobe being worn in many different colours, fabrics and styles. 

I have also seen the fashion statements you can personalise to your white thobe, such as stylish buttons, embroidery, cufflinks, etc. It’s amazing.

Many muslims and non-muslims alike love to wear the thobe. I mean, why not? It’s not strictly meant for muslims only. Anyone can wear the thawb. It’s so comfortable, looks neat, and covers oneself. In addition, its the diversity and cultural aspects that everyone loves to try and get a feel of. The white thobe has definitely brought everyone together. The beautiful islamic modest wear has brought about unity and a feeling of belonging.

The main type of the white thobe is the casual type. These casual thobes are collarless and are a loose fit, made for ease and comfort. They are worn for everyday wear, travelling, lounging, running errands, going to the masjid, and more.

The white thobe literally is functional for any occasion. It is a timeless garment that can also work for fashion conscious individuals. One can layer from underneath using polo necks or choose to pair it with anything from a cardigan, sweater, jacket or blazer. Throw on some accessories such as a watch, stylish shoes, scarf, etc and you’ve created your very own fashion outfit. 

An all white thobe is a classic look that just isn’t going away. One of the benefits is that it’s versatile. The white thawb can work for the day, evening or at the office. What makes it more interesting is that the white thobe can be paired with any colour for any season – autumn, winter, spring or summer. The perfect canvas…

A great use that we see many people, here in London and the UK do with the casual thobe is when you go to the gym, during sport activities or when you are in your pyjamas and then need to quickly pray – out comes the white thobe to save the day.

This is easier to do when you have your simple collarless white thobe, rather than the collar thobes – which are used more for formal occasions for men who prefer those.

The white thobe is the Islamic wear that Muslims are proud of and is a symbol of pride.

If you ever get a chance to get your hands on a thawb, take it. You certainly won’t regret ever buying a thobe and having one in your wardrobe.