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When you think of mens thobe uk you forget the history of how it came to the UK. The thobe or jubba has become more mainstream over the last 10 to 20 years.

Have you ever wondered why we had this fashion shift?

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Prior to the arrival of the thobe in the UK, many people from the asian origin wore kafni. The kafni has a few names some of the popular names are “kurta, payjame, shirwani”, all these terms mean a long shirt with trousers. Although the kafni is functional and also a very fashionable garment it lacked “one clothing for all occasions”. The main problem with the kafni was it had to be sewn which isn’t great when not many tailors in the UK could sew this unique garment. The kafni also looks very different to the thobe. The kafni is long shirt that usually stops just before the knees and the thobe is a long robe like garment that stops just before the ankles.

Thobe uk

Off the shelf thobes

Gone are the days to look for a tailor. The off the shelf solution of the thobe uk helped increase the demand because people saw the thobe as an everyday garment that can be worn on any occasion. This is what we term as the minimalist thobe, a simple long garment that just works for any moment in any occasion.

Thobe in the UK

Welcome the thobe UK. As travel became more normal to the Arab continents so did the distribution of standard and luxury mens thobes. This is when the transition from kafni to thobe occurred. The uniqueness of the thobe is, it fits and compliments all body shapes, it speaks all languages and the materials used are hardwearing which mean it last a long time. The style is the most important as it’s timeless, no matter where you are, you’ll make a statement.

The design of the thobe has remained the same there have been a few innovations to make life easier such as having zips instead of buttons, offering more colours than the usual white thobe and also different materials for the different seasons in the UK. The materials help you stay warm (cotton materials) or cool (vietnamese polyester spun) it’s part of wearing less but being comfortable.

The thobe in the UK has really shown that simple style can create a lasting impression.

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