Men’s Autumn Style Thobe

autumn, fall foliage, oak leaf

There is something very special about this time of the year.

It is the celebration of the cosy nights spent indoors, sitting quietly in front of the fireplace with your warm cup of tea and enjoying the autumnal leaves painting the view from the window. We begin to really appreciate the magic that nature brings, inspiring many people to get into the autumn spirit.

However, nothing excites us more than seeing all the new autumn trends emerge or experimenting with different looks that are just far too exciting in every shade from gold, rust to brown.

This season, we have settled with our desert sand thobe with its neutral stone and cream colour variations. The desert sand thobe is a loose fit, with no collar around the neck. It is a polyester spun fabric – lightweight and breathable. This thobe uk is perfect for the autumn season, not too thick (the heat is really making an appearance this year) and not too thin (for the breeze). It is a great colour that you can contrast with using different shades to make a classic autumn outfit.

Why did we choose this thobe? First of all, the colour really speaks autumn all the way through. The shade is really the neutral colour you want to go for because it will allow you to style and layer as you prefer. Over a polo-neck, check patterns, a scarf – it will all work with this autumn thobe. And if you are feeling tired and just want to throw on your autumn loungewear around the house paired with some warm socks, the desert sand thawb is a great place to start. So casual…

At home, I threw on my desert sand thobe, together with some dark grey socks from H&M. I opted for the 100% cotton fabric socks I had since they would keep me cool at the same time to avoid sweating. It is biodegradable and can withstand as many hot washes in its lifetime as it needs to.

Anyway, I love how I can move around in my thobe without feeling restricted at all. I feel like clothes have a crucial role to play in giving us…

positive vibes

I prefer owning a wardrobe with clothes that could work on any occasion or any season for that matter. A Thobe definitely does that for me. Its so comfortable and moves with my body. Hence, the thobe gives me a feeling of confidence and optimism, whenever i wear it. Another strong factor that really drives me towards a thobe is the colour palette. It really is the bare minimal range that you need and can work for any environment. That is exactly what i favour. Wear on its own or wear as layers – the thawb will function.

Apart from that, the fabric must be pleasing to the senses. Good fabrics will make you feel on top of the world, look great and self-confidence all the way. Ive actually fallen asleep in a thobe once…(maybe more than once)  Don’t judge. 

Basically, clothing is a part of our daily lives. Something that can have an impact on a daily basis. So, we got to make it worthwhile.