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The Minimalist lifestyle? What do we think about it?

Fashion is what is currently in trend. It is a nonstop change. It is most likely out of trend by the time you finish reading this blog. Fashion is very hard to keep up with; a constant pressure. On the other hand, style is a unique expression of your personality through the choices you make in clothing. It is more about being yourself. It is you being you in your own network.

“Style is timeless and one does not need to change to fit in. A stylish person has a great sense of self, the courage to be themselves and a good grasp of their own strengths and weaknesses. ”
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A minimalist approach to style is more about the attitude and the thought that goes behind what is in your wardrobe. It is an aim for your wardrobe to be featured with clothing that fits your lifestyle, and filled with high quality items that you will absolutely love and hopefully, which will last you for years.

For example, buying one shirt that you love and know that will function for many occasions when styled in different ways, in comparison to purchasing 10 shirts in assorted colours and designs. Chances are, you most probably will not wear those various tops for longer than a month or two. You’ve become bored of it or its just not in trend anymore. Either it doesn’t fit or you just feel dull in it.

I’m talking first hand, while trying to conquer through this pointless reality. Trust me when I say I have been there and done it. Though I’m proud of how much I have achieved, I surely have a long way to go yet. It’s ok. It’s easy to slip into buying too much again, especially when you have the latest constantly showing up on Instagram. However, it is a training you have to give to your mind and self. You’ll soon realise that you find peace and contentment with the minimal approach.

Most likely, the average person will not wear the majority of the clothing hanging in their wardrobe, yet observe how we will keep going for that one particular trouser, jubba, jumper or blazer over and over again. What if that didn’t happen anymore? What if every time you opened up your wardrobe, you were happy with what you saw and truly felt spoilt for choice? No matter what you picked out, you felt confident as an individual, ready to take on the world, and most importantly, you felt yourself. Now, that is what we are talking about. We want this for you.

Al Thawb believes in style. We love timeless. We love confidence. We love the ability to be you.

Imagine the perfect scenario:
You open up your wardrobe. What will I wear today? You have so many thoughts running through your mind. It’s such a busy day and you don’t have time. You need the perfect outfit for work, however you also have a celebration party to attend to where you must look your best. Will there be enough time after work to get ready in a 2nd outfit? 

The white omani thawb catches your eye, in all its glory. Oh my, it’s perfection. Wow, this thobe is ideal for work. Throw on some work shoes and you’re good to go. Life’s a breeze. Work is easy. You are ready…. Fast forward and you’re rushing back from work. It’s time to attend that party. Thawb up with that neat blazer. Accessorise with your favourite watch and shoes. My, aren’t you looking classy.

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Meet the White Thobe, a timeless combination of fashion and functionality that’s tailored to deliver style in any situation. Made from breathable fabric, the White Thawb features built-in details to provide you with ease and comfort when you’re on the go. So go ahead and push your limits. Just know that the White Thawb has your back.