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5 smart ways to wear a thobe

Any fashion conscious man will tell you that the thobe is an important feature in modest menswear. Fashion statements will come and go but the thobe will stay.  It’s adaptable. In recent times, designers and modest influencers have shown that the thobe can be worn in a variety of fits and accessories ranging from polos …

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white stylish thobe

The White Thobe

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash The white thobe is unquestionably a subject that is constantly heard of. No matter how many different style and varieties of thobes that one will see, it’s the white thobe that will take centre stage. One can compare it to the focal point of something, or the command centre …

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Person wearing a white thobe, just neck showing

Thobe UK

When you think of mens thobe uk you forget the history of how it came to the UK. The thobe or jubba has become more mainstream over the last 10 to 20 years. ​

Dishdasha or Kandura or Thawb aka Thobe people dancing

What is a Thawb?

A Thawb, Thobe or Jubbah, also termed as a dishdasha or kandura is an ankle length arab garment, usually with long sleeves similar to that of a robe or a kaftan. A sirwal or trousers is typically worn underneath.

minimalist - image of a businessman

The minimalist Thawb

Fashion is what is currently in trend. It is a nonstop change. It is most likely out of trend by the time you finish reading this blog. Fashion is very hard to keep up with; a constant pressure. On the other hand, style is a unique expression of your personality through the choices you make in clothing. It is more about being yourself. It is you being you in your own network.