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Allow us to tell you a story…

Grab a cuppa tea or hot chocolate with your favourite warm blanket – sit back, relax and enjoy.

One day, a husband and a wife has a child. The most lovely, adorable little boy that you would ever dream of.

Like every parent would agree; in an instant, the little one became their world.

He gave them motivation, inspiration and drive to do anything they put their minds to. They wanted to conquer every dream they had and strive together for their growing family. It took a child for them to finally wake up from their long slumber.

thawb - Warm blanket with a mug

And so, the young couple decided to start a family business. Something they had always wanted to do, however, being afraid and nervous had always been the cause of hindrance. Thus, Al Thawb was born.


Shifting the idea that islamic clothing can only be worn by the muslim audience; We believe that the traditional thawb is a timeless piece of fashion beyond limits – Always in trend with its style, comfort and functionality.

 Al Thawb represents the modern generation – reinventing islamic clothing with a contemporary edge. Our aim is to connect individuals through the arab costume for self-discovery. We all communicate ourselves through how we dress. We will help you give a positive message through your very own unique voice to create the best version of you. Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you create good. 


Al Thawb is an online store, founded in 2020, based in England, UK. We offer traditional, smart and perfectly tailored thawbs for men, ensuring close attention to the quality and detail of our clothing. We define our thawbs using only luxury materials to provide premium design and the best quality for our customers. 

We are minimal. We think minimal is effortless. It will fit. It will work. It will shine.
Whether you are in a wedding or just being casual, our thawb will work for your occasion.

We think Al Thawb was made for you…

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